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Map of Kuhmo

Map of the Kalevala area


Kuhmo is a city of 10 300 inhabitants streching across to the Russian border. The Vartius international border crossing station is located in the northern part of the area.

Among the fabulous scenery, the land of lakes, wolves, bears and wolverines, Kuhmo is the home of enterprising, hospitable and skilled people who invite tourists to enjoy the fishing in the solitude of the rapids, listen to the wolves howl, see the bears and simply relax.

It is easy to get to region whether by road, aeroplane or rail. Travelling within the region is easy, as the roads are in good condition and not congested. You can drive through idyllic villages and on forest roads and glimpse everyday life of the region- in addition to the minor roads the area has well-maintained highways.

By Air
The fastest route is by aeroplane from Helsinki to Kajaani (approximately 1 hour) and the airports of Oulu, Kuusamo and Kuopio with their flexible connections to Europe are a short distance away. Kajaani is the only airport in Kajaani region. There are 2-3 daily flights operating between Kajaani and Helsinki.
When travelling to southern Kuhmo region you can also use Kuopio airport.
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By Train
The main railway routes to Kajaani are: Oulu-Kajaani from the west, Helsinki-Kuopio-Kajaani from the south. The train station is in Kajaani, to Kuhmo 102 km. Travelling time from Helsinki to Kajaani during the day is from 5,5-7,5 hours.
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By Bus
The excellent network of long-distance express bus services between the larger towns in Finland offer the easy way to travel to and within Kajaani region.
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By Car
Finland offers drivers a well-maintained network of roads and motorways. The main road going through the region from south to north is highway 5, E63.
To transfer from airports or train stations to remote locations you can check possibilities and prices from the tourism companies operating in that area. When driving your own or a rental car in Finland, you can easily reach Kuhmo by taking the Via Karelia tourist route along the eastern border or by following the E-5 highway

To Russia
If you wish to travel to Russia via Vartius international border station (in Kuhmo), please notice that you need to apply for a Russian visa in advance.

Hotel Kalevala is situated 3 km km from the Kuhmo centre by the Lake Lammasjärvi. We have free parking space.