Exciting rapid swimming

The exciting swim takes place in the Pajakkakoski rapid in the centre of Kuhmo. The preparations for the swim include dressing in thermal underwear and a rescue suit with assistance from your guide. The first step is to get used to floating in the river and then the safety procedure and matters related to swimming down the rapid are explained. The participants swim down the rapid one by one. There are two guides at the end of the rapid to make sure everybody gets out of the water safely. The experience is completed by having a warm toddy in a tepee below. Transfer hotel – Pajakkakoski – hotel included in the price.

starting from 100 €/person

Aurora hunting

Would you like to learn how to photograph the northern lights?
Aurora photography course on request for groups

The course is led by the Northern Lights hunter Kerttu! She will teach you how the northern lights are born, how to predict them and how to take spectacular pictures of them.

Evening program:
at 19:00 Lecture, guidance on using the camera
from 21:00 we go outside to shoot pictures

When the weather is clear, we photograph the stars, and when the sky is cloudy, we learn creative dark photography techniques.

4-6 people €75.00/person
7-14 people €60.00/person

Sightseeing tour in Kuhmo

Guided tour in small town Kuhmo. Explore in Juminkeko, information Centre of Finnish national epic, Kalevala. Visit the Church of Kuhmo, Tuupala house museum, Nature Centre Petola, library building
and the Kuhmo Arts Centre. Price includes guide, bus transfer for extra charge. Entrance fee to Juminkeko 2 €/person in group min. 15 persons
Add Winter War Museum to your route (next to the hotel), entrance fee 5 €/person. Guided tour in Kuhmo Arts Centre 2 €/person. Check the opening hours and dates of the sights from our hotel

Guide 40 €/hour + 5 €/person

Winter War tour in Kuhmo

First a short walk to the Winter War museum from the hotel (150 m), where guide tells you about the Winter War’s happenings in Kuhmo. Tour continues from the museum to battle fields (with group’s own bus). On the way you’ll see many memorials. Snack break at Ala-Laamanen. Tour is available from April to November. Duration 5 hours. With extra charge possibility to visit Raatteen Portti in Suomussalmi. Snacks with extra charge.

Price 280 €/group +5 €/person (entrance fee to museum)

Old times dinner

Old times dinner is arranged either in Hotel Kalevala’s cabinet or in Northern house near the hotel, depending on the number of participants. Place is decorated old times fashion; guests sit at long tables and oil lanterns will be the only light. Traditional zither music plays on the background. Waitresses are wearing a long old fashioned skirt with white aprons, scarves on their hair. At the beginning lefses, Karelian pies, rye bread, butter and egg-butter are served, with carrots, cabbage and swedes. Lapse through the years. All the eating happens over a round, flat bread. You only have a wooden spoon. Nostalgic. Tapiola, the forest kingdom in Kalevala national epic, serves you oven porridge, and Ahti, God of the sea and fishing, serves His finest fish with vegetables, root vegetables which you eat with your fingers. Different types of sausages and grilled pork ribs are served in black cauldrons and finally Finnish blueberry pie with kama cream for dessert, together 6-7 courses.
Live in a moment and enjoy an old times fashioned evening.

55 €/person
min. 15 persons

Church boat tour

Boat tour with church boats starts from Hotel’s shore. Everyone participates to rowing with their own availability and willing. Guide will help with finding the rhythm and the right technique. After the tour you’ll enjoy nice open fire meal. Duration 3 hours.

54 €/person
min. 6 persons