Hotel's saunas bring warmth and joy to different occasions. Enjoy also our indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and try our peat and infrared saunas.

Price / person starting

20 €


All seasons


20 min - 2 h

Private saunas

Sauna department prices:

1-6 persons 170 €/group
7-> persons 25 €/person

Price include 2 hour private saunas, towels, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis. Our saunas can fit 40-50 persons.

Extra hour +75 €/group

Evening saunas for hotel guests
Daily 18:00 - 20:00
During these hours private saunas are not available. Evening saunas are included to room price, others 10 €/person

Peat sauna

Feelings of relaxation and calm are the goals of peat sauna! Peat saunas relax your body and relieve stress.

The whole body peat mask makes your skin soft and firm.
It gives your skin a healthy look and makes it less itchy and tight. Peat masks are a very refreshing experience. Peat sauna makes your metabolism more active, it helps with muscle pain and arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It helps different kinds of skin symptoms including eczema and acne. It makes allergies easier to handle and removes hormonal cellulite. After a peat sauna your skin is soft and lovely and you feel nicely relaxed.

* Before going to sauna it is necessary to wet the skin. You can put peat on your scalp too, make sure that your hair is wet.
Make-up should be removed before the treatment.
* First apply the peat all over your body except around your eyes and lips.
* Leave the peat on your skin for 20 minutes in a humid mild heat of the sauna (about 60 degrees).
* It is important to make sure that the peat doesn’t dry on your skin as it is only effective when it is wet. You can massage your skin whilst in the sauna.
* During the treatment you should drink lots of water as the treatment removes liquid of your body.

Peat saunas are not recommended for pregnant women or people with heart or vascular disease.

20 min + time for shower.

32 €/person for 1-3 persons
22 €/person for 4-10 persons

Infrared sauna

Infrared radiation soaks into tissue and causes heavy perspiration without the uncomfortable feeling of high temperature. In infrared sauna perspiration is three times more than in a conventional sauna. A person burns 600 kcal in infrared sauna during a 30 minute session. That is more than during a 30 minute run. An important difference is that infrared sauna warms deep in the tissues, temperature of body cells raises up to 38,5°C and at the relatively low temperature sweating is more intensive.

In some cases the infrared sauna is not recommended,
ask at reception before booking.

30 min

25 €/1-3 persons at a time

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