Traditional tastes

Our cuisine is designed for international taste while proudly using local products like fish, meat and berries.

The dining room can seat up to 200 people and you can enjoy your meal at our beautiful landscape restaurant.

For groups there are available several different theme dinners such as the Kalevala Buffet or a historic Old Time Dinner for those who wish to experience traditional Finnish food in the old fashioned way.

You are most welcome to enjoy our hospitality.

Opening hours
Form Tuesday to Saturday 5 pm - 9 pm (please, make your order before 8.30 pm)


A la carte


Caesar salad 11,00 / 17,00 L (G)
With chicken 14,00 / 20,00 L (G)
With crispy bacon 13,00 / 19,00 L (G)
With chicken and bacon 17,00 / 22,00 L (G)

Forest mushroom soup 12,00 / 18,00 L (G)

Fish soup a la Kainuu 13,00 / 19,00 L (G)


Beetroot patties 24,00 L, G
Beetroot patties with green asparagus, hummus and honey glazed
goat cheese on salad bedding

Pike-perch parchment 34,00 L, G
Restaurant Kanteletar’s most popular classic dish
Pike-perch from local lake, smetana potatoes, season vegetables

Kainuu salmon 29,00 L, G
Baked salmon from Kainuu region with butter-dill potatoes,
lingonberry sauce

Kanteletar burger 22,00 L (G)
Patty with brioch buns, ketchup, caramelled onions, pickles, salad,
house dressing, cheddar, lettuce, fries
- Patty options: beef / salmon / vegetable
Extra: goat cheese / bacon / dip 2,00

Oven baked chicken 24,00 L, G
Chef’s special: oven baked chicken with tomato vegetable
sauce and basmati rice

Minute steak 30,00 L, G
Beef minute steak, seasoned butter, oven baked
root vegetables, fries

Traditional reindeer stew 35,00 L, G
With potato mash, pickles and lingonberries


Finnish blueberry pie 12,00 L
Warm traditional blueberry pie with vanilla sauce

Finnish squeky cheese 12,00 L, G
Cheese oven baked in cinnamon cream, served with cloudberry jam

Tar ice cream 12,00 L, G
Tar flavored homemade ice cream with cloudberry jam

Three course menus

In this menu we serve the best local flavours made with local incredients.

Tradition splint
Tasters of local food: rönttönen (lingonberry pastry), Finnish cheese with cloudberries, mushroom salad in rye cup, local fish
Pike-perch parchment
Pike-perch from local lake, smetana potatoes, season vegetables
Tar ice cream
Homemade ice cream flavoured with local tar

59,00 / person
55,00 / person for a group of 2 - 4
49,00 / person for a group of 5 - 8

Drink package 24,40 /person
- House cocktail Tellervo
(Kalevala Gin, Campari, cranberry liqueur)
- Haapala beer, blonde ale (Sotkamo)
- Finlandia Coffee (coffee, Finlandia vodka,
cloudberry liqueur)

Our location next to borderline affects our kitchen. Taste traditional treats of neighbouring country.

Blini platter
Blinis are tasty year round. With blini patties we serve onions, smetana, honey, pickles and seaweed caviar.
Classic of Eastern European kitchen.
dumplings with meat filling are served with smetana
Slavic quark pancakes with cranberry and vanilla sauce

59,00 / person
55,00 / person for a group of 2 - 4
49,00 / person for a group of 5 - 8

Drink package 18,00 /person
- Vodka
- Vodka
- Vodka